About me

Hello! I’m Adrián

I was born in Ibiza in 1993. At the age of 5 I picked up my first camera. This was one we had at home, it belonged to my mother. I soon began to see how it worked and how I could get that recording into the computer and create a story. With the few tools of those years, I was able to put together different videos, add titles, music and basic transitions. From that moment I discovered what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I started recording my brother and his friends riding bikes in the races that took place in Ibiza and when I finished secondary school I decided to dedicate myself professionally to the sector. 

In 2013 I settled in Barcelona to study at a film school and have access to the events that were taking place in the city and meet people from the world of extreme sports. 

After completing the three years in Audiovisuals, I returned to Ibiza to get work experience. 

In order to start working I bought my first camera backpack (video camera, action camera, stabilizers, drone, microphones…)

I started recording the Spanish motocross championships, on the national television IB3, on the local television TEF , in “Teledeporte” TV channel and later in the production company of Pauxa Films.

From there, I have collaborated on professional videos for national and international companies, television commercials, direct TV as well as personal social media projects to generate quality content on social networks. 

At the following showreel I present in a simple way a mixture of video styles that I have done in my professional career.

Companies I have worked with: 

copanies I have forked with